Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Christmas ornaments

Not much extra commentary on these.

The first batch is an older set (as you can tell from the "wrong" way stitching). I enjoyed painting the little house on the one on the left. These are from those little kits you can find at the craft stores for about a dollar. They aren't the most challenging stitches, but they are fun to whip out on a lazy afternoon.

This next set is from another kit set I bought at Michael's or some other chain. These technically aren't finished yet because I'm looking for some small ribbon bows to put on the bottom over the ends of the cording. (I added the cording... it didn't come with the kit. I thought it finished the edges off nicely.)

Cute little gingerbread man kit, stitched over 10 years ago.

Some of my first experiments with beading and ribbon embroidery. I think these are all from Mill Hill Beads kits. I think I have at least three more bead ornament kits somewhere in my stash.

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