About Me

For those of you who are interested, you can read more about where I'm from, etc. over on my personal stuff blog's About Me page.

For how I got into needlework and other sewing, check out these first few posts from the blog:


My first cross stitch project, c. 1984

How I caught the cross-stitch bug

One of these days I'll post more about the quilts and costumes I've done as well.

As you will notice by looking over at the archives, I don't post here very often a lot of the time. I mostly started this blog as a personal journal to keep up with various projects, but I thought other people might find some of it interesting. I also don't visit a lot of other stitching blogs any more since I had to prune the number of things I was trying to keep up with on the internet because it was eating up all of my free time. Free time that I want for stitching and other fun things! :)