Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Texas panorama - first photo

Here's the first photo of the progress on "Texas Panorama" after about two weeks. A lot of it was done this past weekend. The flower parts on the lower section of the X took a while, but the rest has gone very quickly. I still have all the backstitching to do, but I might wait until all of the cross stitches are done first. I've never actually done that on a medium-to-large project before... I'm usually a "backstitch as you go" type.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Recent finishes

I've been meaning to post these for over a week!

This is one of the last of my Textile Heritage miniatures that I've bought on my various trips to the UK. I think I only have one left and they'll all be stitched!

And this is the Winter piece of the Four Seasons design, all finished.

(here is the leaflet and the previously-finished Fall section)

I'm now working on Texas Panorama from Bestitched. I bought this at the LNS years and years ago and I have been intending to start it for ages, but just now finally got around to it. I'm starting with the letter X in the middle and I'm about 60% through that. I might even get the X finished this weekend, but it has a lot of backstitching around the flowers in the bottom half, so maybe not. Maybe I'll scoot over to the E or A next and go back and do the backstitching later. :) I'll post a picture of the current progress soon.