Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The 15 year Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments are another favorite project-type of mine. There's just something about stitching Christmas ornaments in a hot Texas summer that is refreshing. :)

The above ornaments are from a Janlynn kit I bought in or around 1992 and began shortly after. Being of the easily bored personality type, I stitched all the 'interesting' parts (the instruments) and then got totally bored when I got to the greenery part. So the projects languished for ages. A while back (maybe 5 years ago?) I finished three of them, as you can see above on the left. The other three ended up in my WIP (works in progress) pile. Until last week, that is. I've been on a kick of finishing a bunch of smaller projects that I've had stashed away in a plastic shoe box.

Of the three remaining ornaments from the kit, I recently finished the drum and the clarinet, although they are still waiting to be made up into the little pillows and finished with the gold cord. I had planned to finish the horn over the long weekend, but as I started on the greenery, I realized that the mouthpiece and the thin part of the horn on the right were in completely the wrong place and I had to rip them out. Thankfully I still had all the remaining threads from the kit. So, now I'm working on replacing the bits of the horn and finishing the greenery. Hopefully by the weekend I'll have all three ornaments completely finished and my longest work in progress will finally be done.

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