Sunday, July 26, 2020


So, after my last post, my stitching roll did slow down a little, even though I'm still working from home (19 weeks/4.5 months and counting!). My webhost for my Tudor History site was migrating to new servers so I had to do some updates to make sure things didn't break, which took away some of my stitching time. But it was actually kind of fun to work on the site a little again! I really haven't worked on it a whole lot in recent years so when I did work on it again it didn't feel like as much of a chore.

But I did manage to keep up with the Wonders of Space SAL! Here it is with 2 more parts to go:

I did do a little bit of needlework shopping too, now that the floss inventories are starting to improve again (although there were a few colors I still couldn't get!) and, of course, I threw a couple of the new autumn Mill Hill bead kits in the order. I might have those ready to show off next week. And they might be the first products I stitch on my Dutch Treat perforated paper stitching frame now that I finally have the 8" clamps! I hunted around for those for quite a while and even had them in my shopping carts a few times but when I went to check out they would give me a "sorry, not available" message. So I wasn't too optimistic when I actually managed to order them from ABC Sttich Therapy in Houston, but about two months later they arrived! It's kind of hilarious that I looked at shops all over the US and a couple in the UK and finally managed to get them from a shop practically in my own back yard! And I could have just used the 15" clamps with the smaller projects, but they are overkill for those little projects. But they'll be great when I work on some larger things on plastic canvas and/or perforated paper!

I've got a couple more small-to-medium things in the works in between SAL parts and I might have one ready to share by next time. I got a new pair of glasses a few weeks ago with an updated prescription and with my magnifying lamp I can actually manage to stitch on 32 count (over 2) again. And since we're in the heat of summer - I'm really ready for the fall and Halloween stitching! (And the cooler weather, of course!)

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