Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A definite increase in my stitching time...

Well, when I was planning out how to squeeze more stitching time into my year, I certainly didn't have "being stuck at home for two months during a pandemic" on my radar. I'm working from home, so it's not like I can just sit around and stitch all day, but not having to drive home after work definitely gives me back some of my evening time!

And instead of just finishing up some long-neglected WIPs, I've been starting a ton of new things. I have a huge stash of hand-dyed fabrics from being in a Fabric of the Month club for years and I've been having fun matching fabrics to old kits and patterns. And I've been buying a bunch of new patterns on Etsy, especially when I have a clear mental picture of what should go on a certain color fabric. I treated myself to a Dutch Treat perforated paper stitching frame shortly before the lockdown since I got a good tax refund and my birthday was in early March right before everything went pear-shaped here in Texas. I sometimes get hand cramps when I have to hold a project in one hand and stitch with the other and so I really prefer using frames so I can stitch with both hands (plus I'm faster that way!).

Here's a catch up on a few things from the past month and a half:

Here are the first three months of the Wonders of Space SAL! I've been able to keep up with this pretty well, especially with a little more time on my hands.

And there is a definite theme to the other things I've done in the past month! Two of these are on my office fridge, so I can't take a photo of the completely finished versions, but the one with the Child holding his little broth cup is here at home. I got all three of these off /r/crossstitch (freebies posted by another redditor). I probably should have used three strands of black on The Mandalorian's helmet, but I really dislike stitching with three strands. I did use three on the eyes and soup cup on the second version of The Child though which I think did look better. I didn't worry about it as much with the lighter colors since I was stitching on ecru perforated paper.

I have a few other things in progress and I'll post more photos when I finish the stitching on those!

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