Monday, May 26, 2008

Catherine of Aragon - first photo

Here is the first progress photo of Catherine of Aragon originally from New Stitches magazine no. 7. The design can also be purchased at

I've stitched a bit more on it during the long weekend and will post another update this week. This one is coming along pretty quickly, especially compared to the Heritage Stitchcraft Dragon!


Adam said...

Very impressive... granted I know nothing about cross stitch. Does seem like you've done quite a bit for just the first picture. Your fingers must fly.

Now if I could do such things and had the time, it would be more like the stuff on here:

Lara said...

I do stitch fairly fast... although probably too fast sometimes since my stitches don't always end up flat and even.

BTW, there are some really cute things at that website... I'm kind of glad that I don't knit because I'd probably end up with a house full of Amigurumi.