Saturday, March 15, 2008

This week's stitching

I took spring break off of work to relax and, as it turned out, recuperate from yet another cold. The down time gave me a chance to get some stitching done, and here are some of the results:

First is the Hedwig Four Patch freebie from The Sampler Girl. I stitched it on some of my Silkweaver purple sparkly fabric and used DMC variations thread on the border and letters.

The second small that I did was another freebie, this time from Since I love penguins and Italian food, I decided that my kitchen needed this:

And finally, an update on the Heritage Stitchcraft dragon. This is actually from last week, so I'll have to post another picture with the progress that I made this week.

I also did my first hardanger piece this week, but I haven't taken a photo of it yet. It's not great, but it was a first attempt after all!


Chiloe said...

I love your blog !!! I really scrolled down to check who is the designer of Texas panorama (one I should stitch one day ;) ) I'm going to add you to my google reader ;)

Lara said...

Thanks so much!

Oh, and you just reminded me that I need to set up tags for each of the big designs that I've worked on (or am working on, or will work on!) so folks can go directly to all the posts for that one design. I've meaning to do it and keep forgetting... gotta get to that soon!