Sunday, February 17, 2008

Belated photo of a finish!

I meant to post this ages ago, but I've been very busy and then I had some computer issues (back light went out on my laptop... which makes it pretty useless!). But now everything is back up and running.

So, here is the completed Texas Panorama, although the mounting and framing still needs to be done. I have in mind the kind of frame that I want for it, but I need to write down some measurements and then catch a sale on frames.

I did a little Mill Hill beads snowflake ornament kit last weekend, but I haven't finished it yet (I'm thinking about doing a fabric backing on it), so no photos.

My next big project is a Heritage Stitchcraft kit that I bought a few years ago. It came with 14 ct. Aida, but I've switched it out with a 28 count evenweave (just a generic one from Michael's, I think). I actually started it over Christmas, but I'm going to wait until a bit more is done to post a picture.

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